Eagles Sheed and Masten Sock it to Sarcoma!

Dom Sheed (L) and Chris Masten (R) of the West Coast Eagles pose with Suzy.

West Coast Eagles players Dom Sheed and Chris Masten have teamed up to tackle a little-known deadly cancer called sarcoma.

Poor outcomes from sarcoma are often the result of inaction when symptoms first occur. Additionally, there have been issues of incorrect assessment by GP’s due to the obscurity of the disease.

Sarcoma occurs across all age groups and sexes and is particularly prevalent in active young people.

Sheed and Masten became aware of sarcoma when they had different friends and family who were recently diagnosed. Up until that time, like most people, neither had heard of sarcoma. They hope that by raising the profile of sarcoma, more people will know what to do when symptoms arise and therefore save lives as a result.

Some of the more obvious symptoms of sarcoma are unusual lumps, bumps or aches that tend to hang around and also pain when resting or sleeping. Anyone experiencing these symptoms is urged to discuss them with a GP in the context of explicitly making sure it is not a sarcoma. A State Sarcoma Service has been established to provide expert diagnosis and treatment.

Sock it to Sarcoma! are a Perth based not-for-profit organisation funding medical research and awareness campaigns for sarcoma. Their website is

WA Sarcoma Awareness Week runs from June 18-24 and a number of events will be held including a scientific symposium, shopping center displays and a bike ride.

Optus Stadium, the Bell Tower, the Old Mill in South Perth, Trafalgar Bridge in East Perth and Mandurah Bridge will all be lit in pink and teal at various stages during the week to promote WA Sarcoma Awareness Week.