Research participants sought

Are you interested in taking part in research intended to help people diagnosed with sarcoma and their families.

We are looking for participants for two current research projects:

The first is looking at the unmet needs of sarcoma patients and their carers upon a sarcoma diagnosis (download the flyer) and the other is looking at the the needs of bereaved family members (download the flyer).

Participants should be in WA and with their sarcoma experience preferably no longer than five years ago.

Your help is vital in making the experience better for people diagnosed in the future.


what a shame its only available to WA residents.

Sock it to Sarcoma!

Hi Julie
Part of the reason is the logistics of the face-to-face interviews in the study. However, we would still be very interested in any related comments or thoughts that you may have. All feedback is valuable when we are trying to improve management and outcome for sarcoma patients.

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