Rottnest Channel Swim by sarcoma specialists

Tom England, Richard Carey Smith, Rhys Clark & Lee Jeys

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A surgeon with world-class training has recently joined the sarcoma surgery team in Perth – but he’s also brought another talent that will be put to the test later this month. Rhys Clark has joined the Richard Carey Smith-led Sock it to Sarcoma! team for the Rottnest Channel Swim and he’s a pretty handy recruit.

“I have previously completed the Rottnest Channel Swim four times. I love swimming and grew up playing water polo,” he said. “I grew up in Albury in NSW where we are more than three hours from the ocean, so I didn’t start ocean swimming until I moved here to Perth in 2005.”

The team is finalising preparations for the big swim, which will be held on Saturday February 23.

“We have decided that Professor Lee Jeys will start off the beach as it’s a fantastic experience,” Dr Clark said. “We will start at 5-8 minute rotations and then shorten them as we begin to get tired. I have previously swum with my brothers in 5 1/2 hours so I am keen to beat this time. The swim is very dependent on the weather so we are hoping for great conditions for a good day.”

Dr Clark has just returned to Perth from the UK after completing a fellowship in Birmingham, where he worked closely with Professor Jeys, an international expert in sarcoma surgery. He has joined Professor Carey Smith’s other team, the specialist surgeons who treat sarcoma patients. He will be working at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and the Perth Children’s Hospital.

“Birmingham is the largest sarcoma centre in the European Union and together we successfully treated many patients with large sarcomas from across England and Ireland,” he said. “I am looking forward to bringing these skills to the sarcoma team here in WA.”

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