Great line-up of speakers announced for the sundowner!

  • Prof. Delia Nelson (Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute): Translating preclinical cancer immunotherapy studies into veterinary and human oncology: a serendipitous encounter with canine sarcoma
  • Prof. Pilar Blancafort (Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research): Genome engineering approaches to target sarcomas
  • Shahama Taifour (PhD Student, Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research): Targeting the oncogenic fusion EWSR1-FLI1 in Ewing sarcoma using the epigenetic editing tool “Epi-CRISPR”
  • A/Prof. Georgia Halkett (Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute): Exploring the role that a community helpline support professional could play for patients diagnosed with sarcoma and their carers
  • Prof. Sulev Kõks (Perron Institute / Murdoch University): Transcriptome analysis paves the way for the RNA therapeutics
  • Dr. Rupert Hodder (Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital): Insights into Surgery for Abdominal Sarcomas