Although we are only in our third year of operation, we are already developing an active and varied research support program.

The following are all areas of research currently being undertaken by the Sock it to Sarcoma! Senior Research Fellow, Associate Professor Evan Ingley at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research:

  • the molecular and cellular biology of sarcoma cells;
  • the regulation of invasion and metastasis of sarcoma cells;
  • drug action and drug resistance in sarcoma cells;
  • the molecular pathways altered in sarcoma cells.

Our Abbie Basson Sarcoma Research Scholarship recipient, Rachel Jones, is undertaking a translational research project investigating the genomics of multiple-sarcoma families. The purpose of the project will be to seek to identify contributory genetic factors in approximately 6 families who have an excess of cancer identified by sarcoma using whole genome sequencing. The project will involve whole genome sequencing in selected families from the International Sarcoma Kindred Study to identify genetic variation associated with cancer susceptibility. The findings will then be validated against findings from the ISKS as a cohort to see whether the same genes are mutated in other sarcoma cases.

We are also offering annually through the Hollywood Private Hospital Research Foundation small competitive research grants to facilitate different areas of sarcoma related areas. The first one, the Emma Pauley Research Grant, has just been awarded.

Murdoch University researchers are engaged in an additional research project around sarcoma patient and carer well-being, in conjunction with our Time4Me Gift Program.

In 2015, we will be offering the Melanne Mills Sarcoma Research Grant through the competitive grants process at Hollywood Private Hospital Research Foundation, as well as the Enscope Research Grant. ForĀ  more information about these opportunities, contact Terry Bayliss at


Below are links to some of the other research opportunities relating to Sarcoma offered through Sock it to Sarcoma!: