Our Vision

Surviving Sarcoma

Our Purpose

Sock it to Sarcoma! strives to improve quality of life for people living with sarcoma by:

  • Supporting patients and their families at all stages of the sarcoma journey
  • Raising awareness within the community and health profession to improve early detection and diagnosis of sarcoma
  • Investing in research to discover more effective treatments for sarcoma, primary bone and soft tissue tumours.

Our Values

At Sock it to Sarcoma! we strive at all times to be:

Our values What these values mean to us…
Evidence‑basedWe draw on empirical evidence to support knowledgeable, informed choices.
Community‑mindedWe act in the best interests of the sarcoma community.
CompassionateWe care deeply for others, seeking to understand their situation and acting to alleviate their suffering.
EmpoweringWe provide information and support to help the sarcoma community to feel stronger and more confident to manage their own journey – to cope with emotional, social and practical consequences.
CollaborativeWe work with others locally, nationally and globally to leverage scarce resources to achieve our shared goals.