About Us

Primary Aims

  • To provide an Annual top–up PhD scholarship, the Abbie Basson Sarcoma Research Scholarship.
  • To create improved community awareness and information around the sarcoma tumour group, especially in relation to adolescents and young adults who comprise the primary risk group.
  • To provide information brochures in conjunction with the relevant professionals to increase awareness and information about sarcoma in the community and with GPs.
  • To provide an information program in schools, universities and community and sporting groups: a particular demographic in which some of the most aggressive sarcoma groups are most prevalent.
  • To provide additional funding for pure and applied research into sarcoma, with a view to earlier diagnosis; greater understanding of the pathology of the many varieties of sarcoma; more effective and targeted treatment resulting from this greater defined knowledge base and ultimately saving functionality, limbs and lives.

Additional Aims

  • To generate sufficient funds (c $600,000 for full scholarship) for the Abbie Basson Sarcoma Research Scholarship to become perpetual.
  • To work towards the development of a Sarcoma Research Centre.
  • To work towards the establishment of an specialist interdisciplinary translational sarcoma centre in Perth, providing an holistic approach to the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and ancillary complementary and support services for sarcoma patients of all ages and their families: the aim being to facilitate earlier diagnosis, more targeted and effective treatments, less invasive procedures and a more highly developed all-round provision of information, pastoral care and support services from the first referral to the sarcoma centre, through treatment, follow-up, discharge and also if required, following bereavement.
  • To advocate for the Adolescent and Young Adult age group.
  • To support genomic testing for sarcoma patients.