Sock it to Sarcoma is passionate about supporting people diagnosed with sarcoma and their families –  supporting best practice holistic clinical care from the moment someone is diagnosed, right through to end of treatment and beyond. To do this, we also liaise with the WA State Sarcoma Service Team (external) to advocate for patients and their families from point of diagnosis to end of treatment and beyond.

More support services available through Sock it to Sarcoma!

Peer Support

If you have been diagnosed with sarcoma, it can often be helpful to speak with someone who has been through a similar experience. We can help connect you to a peer who understands what it feels like to have been diagnosed with a rare cancer like sarcoma. This service is also available to carers, friends or family members. Contact us via or 08 6285 0744 or 0414 866 435. Available Australia Wide.

We also have a closed Support Facebook Group for people impacted directly by sarcoma and their immediate family members.

Time4Me Gift Program

Patient support - Time4Me Gift Programme logoOur Time4Me Gift Program is for patients of all ages, carers or families affected by sarcoma. It offers the opportunity for a treat, or just practical assistance for one of those tasks that we just don’t have time for.

Monthly Facilitated Online Support Group

We hold monthly facilitated online support groups for people impacted by sarcoma. For more information, please contact us at

Our patient gift bags

Currently this program is only available in states where we are actively fundraising to cover the costs of the program

Patient support - Time4Me Gift Programme gift bags

Financial Support

The Foundation has some limited funding available to support the short term needs of patients whilst undergoing treatment. To find out more about what is available, and eligibility criteria, please contact us at or 08 6285 0744

Currently this program is only available in states where we are actively fundraising to cover the costs of the program


Hi Mandy – I’d like to thank you soooo much for my Time 4 Me certificate, and my bag of goodies. I especially like the book of inspirational verses. The tote bag is also beautiful. You people do an amazing job spreading the message about sarcomas, and the amount of fundraising that is conducted.”
“You were very supportive and comforting to talk to. Thank you for your time and help.”
“Great charity, has helped out with my brother who is 23 with sarcoma”
“I cannot tell you how much reading this (story) means to me. I was also diagnosed with an epithelioid sarcoma in August of last year. The day after I received that news I had the top half of my thumb amputated (where the tumour was located). I have never heard of anyone else in Australia with this same cancer, let alone someone who had a similar surgery to me, so it’s wonderful to hear that (you) are doing well and that the outlook of this cancer doesn’t have to be bleak”
“Always such a pleasure dealing with the girls from Sock it to Sarcoma! Love your work guys- amazing cause”
“Thankyou guys and gals for raising awareness. a heart wrenching job that is well done by you all. x x”
“Thankyou Mandy and all your wonderful volunteers for making the first “JUST IMPROVISE” show such a success. The show was amazing and you all helped get the “SARCOMA AWARENESS” message out there. It means so much that our late son Jordan Hayhendry’s cancer is acknowledged as just as important to raise awareness and funds for much needed research. Once again Mandy, Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts”
“I could never have done it without my amazing family and all of my spectacular friends who have loved and supported me through this whole process. Not to mention the amazing support from this amazing charity! You inspire me to help others with sarcoma and to show them that you can kick butt & stay positive! My sarcoma is well and truly socked hehe”
“I just wanted to send a message to thank the Sock it to Sarcoma Foundation for all the incredible work and support they have offered my sister and our family over the last year. I’m so pleased to tell you that my beautiful baby sister cleared her 1 year scans this week. I could not be more proud of the strength and maturity she has shown over this time. You have all been there with any question and support when she needed it and with your continued efforts to raise awareness and research I truly believe we will be rid of this disease one day for good and no one will ever have to go through this pain and heartache it leaves. No one could truly love a sister as much as I do mine, she is my best friend, my rock and my strength. So thank you from the bottom of my heart xx”
“Hi, i was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in October last year. I am 17 (18 in August). and i just wanted to say thank you for making an organisation that can help people who may be in the same situation that i am, it really means a lot that someone out there cares. i cant participate in any charity events as i have had pre-surgery chemo, surgery and am now starting the final stages of chemo (hopefully) but i just wanted to let you guys know that Sock it to Sarcoma will know be my organisation to support throughout my life because it is awesome that we can help the doctors research into prevention and maybe even faster treatments.”
“I trust you guys, you’re a great charity unlike so many others out there. Happy to support SitS!”