We are very grateful to Belinda MacCawley for donating these meditations for the use of our community.

In today’s busy world, there is an increasing desire to take time out, create stillness and listen to the inner voice of the soul. A regular practise of meditation can improve people’s wellbeing. Meditation has both physical and mental benefits. It can help manage many health conditions including; anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and pain.

Meditation is about being consciously aware and present in the moment, turning your focus inwards. Meditation is not about turning off your thoughts, it’s about becoming aware of your thoughts, feelings and distractions and strengthening your ability to focus your attention and redirect your thoughts. Everyone’s experience with meditation is different, there is no right or wrong with meditation, whatever you experience, is your experience.

1. Simple Breathing Meditation – 5 minutes
2. Relaxing Body Scan – 10 minutes
3. Progressive Muscle Relaxation- 10 minutes

We recommend being in a quiet place, seated in an upright position and not having any expectation of what your experience should look or be like. The meditations can be done wherever you and feel the need. Just be as you are.

About the facilitator:

Belinda has been practising meditation for several years, is a trained meditation facilitator and a member of Meditation Australia. The meditations offered here are simple and practical focusing on being grounded, centred and calm.


Meditation is no substitute for counselling, therapy or medical diagnosis and treatment. The meditation participant assumes the responsibility of their practice and releases the teacher and Sock it to Sarcoma! from any liability claims, including any injury, or damages, to person or property, resulting from participation in any class / program.

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