Community Education & Awareness


Sock it to Sarcoma! is passionate about creating awareness about the symptoms of sarcoma, both in the general and the medical and allied professional communities.

Getting a patient referred as quickly as possible to a multidisciplinary specialist team who are experienced in managing sarcomas is really important if a sarcoma is suspected. However, because sarcoma is classed as a rare cancer (350 West Australians were diagnosed with sarcoma in 2016) many GPs are unfamiliar with the symptoms.  As a result, referral may be delayed or even misdiagnosed. This can increase the risks of the sarcoma spreading, making it harder to treat.

As part of this awareness campaign, in June each year we hold West Australian Sarcoma Awareness Week. During this week, we reach out into the community by holding events, attending shopping centres with information displays, encouraging people to hold an event such as an ‘Odd Socks’ day and by running a Sarcoma Scientific Symposium for international, national and local researchers; clinicians and practitioners; allied professionals and the local community to exchange and discuss the current and future direction of sarcoma research and management. There are also sessions specifically for medical trainees and interested professionals to introduce them to the particular nature and complexities of a sarcoma diagnosis and a specialists’ education session, conjointly hosted with the Western Australian Clinical Oncology Group.

As sarcoma affects so many young people, during the year we reach out to community, schools and sporting groups to encourage them to spread awareness of this particular group of cancers by holding an ‘Odd Socks’ or another event. You can also raise very much needed funds to help us keep our programs and activities running.

How can you help? You could:

  • Display our posters or flyers
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  • Display our bumper stickers or window decals
  • Share our information posts on social media
  • Hold an event to promote awareness
  • Share our stories
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