Mission: Raising funds to support medical research into sarcoma

Professor Fiona Wood OAM advocating for sarcoma research“Anyone’s life can change in an instant, imagine hearing that you have or your child has a sarcoma. The treatment is long, challenging and complex, testing even the strongest of us. The research done by those dedicated in the field have changed the outcome from this devastating form of cancer. You can help change the life of someone by your support lending a helping hand so research can progress towards cure.”

Professor Fiona Wood OAM
Australian of the Year 2005

It is acknowledged the world over that research and clinical trials are the best way to improve the outcomes of anyone diagnosed with cancer. Sadly, less than 1% of cancer research funding is allocated towards sarcoma, even though sarcoma makes up 15% of paediatric cancer, 10% of cancers in the 15-25 age group and 1% of adult cancer. We know that having a rare cancer has the same immediate impact on a family as does one of the common cancers and that sarcoma can have many additional long-term complications in the long term. Sock it to Sarcoma! is determined to support innovative pure and translational sarcoma research to try to improve the outcomes for sarcoma patients. Since 2012, we have funded over $1,000,000 of research. This includes providing scholarships to attract young researchers to consider research in the sarcoma area; supporting projects in the inhibition of the metastatic invasion of sarcoma cells; a clinical trial in personalised medicine for sarcoma patients and psycho-social research.

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