“Ice bucket challenge” with a basketball twist

Josh Ryan has come up with an innovative twist on the (in)famous facebook “Ice Bucket Challenge” by keeping the best parts and ditching the worst – all in an effort to raise funds for Sock it to Sarcoma!

Those of you who found the thought of freezing yourself in the name of charity a little too challenging will be pleased to know that the ice component has gone and has been replaced by the requirement to invent a challenging basketball shot, execute it successfully, and then pass on the challenge by calling out three friends to successfully execute the same shot.

Failure by your friends to score within 30 seconds of their first attempt at the shot means they must make a donation (of any size from $5 and upwards) to Sock it to Sarcoma! (here is the donation link: ).

Once your friends have attempted your challenge, they perpetuate the challenge by creating their own trick shot and calling on three of their friends to do the same…and so on and so forth.

Anyway, here is Josh to explain it all in his own words…