Meet Emel Rothzerg

Emel Rothzerg

Please meet Emel Rothzerg, one of our 2021 Sock it to Sarcoma! PhD scholarship holders, researching into Osteosarcoma. Emel says: “I am particularly interested in osteosarcoma (OS) research because the cause of disease is unknown in the majority of cases. In addition, the treatment of OS, which usually involves chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy, has not been improved over the past twenty years highlighting the need for further research. We have already discovered a new biomarker for OS that can identify the disease early, as well as accurately monitor disease progression. Further, this provides a novel treatment target for OS using gene therapy, which I will be working on during my PhD.” You can read more about Emel’s research here

Welcome to the Sock it to Sarcoma! community, Emel!