Victorian Consumers invited to have their say on genomic testing – calling for the sarcoma voice to be heard!

If you or someone you have cared for has experienced or is experiencing cancer and received treatment in Victoria, the VCCC Alliance is interested in hearing from you. We are gathering responses via a survey about accessing tumour genetic profiling in Victoria.

Genomics is the study of spelling mistakes in DNA that drive cancer, tumour growth or affect the way cancer responds to different treatments. Genomic tumour tests are usually carried out by a biopsy of the tumour, to collect a sample which is then studied to review the prognosis and plan cancer treatments. It’s different from a type of genetic testing that looks at an individual’s inherited cancer risk (passed down through families) from normal tissue or blood. Genomic testing is an example of personalised cancer care, which tailors treatments to patients’ exact tumour make-up.

Participants don’t need to have accessed genomic tumour testing to take part, because it is really important for the researchers to understand why people may not have accessed genomic testing. The survey takes about 15-30 minutes to complete (depending on if you have had testing) and can be accessed here