Surgeons think outside the box to save lives

Excerpt from Mirage News

“An innovative approach to the removal of massive intra-abdominal malignant and benign tumours has been developed by surgeons at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (SCGH).

“The surgery treats sarcomas, which are soft tissue cancers, that weigh several kilograms, occupy the majority of the abdominal cavity and involve major organs and vessels.

“Surgeons at SCGH have devised a procedure that uses a modified cardiac bypass machine. The machine allows the continuous flow of blood to the heart while these challenging massive abdominal tumours are removed during complicated surgery that usually takes an entire day to complete.

“The procedure combines the expertise of the cancer surgeon with that of vascular and cardiothoracic surgeons working as a multi-disciplinary team.

“Prior to this pioneering new technique, the surgery to remove these aggressive tumours carried much higher risk and some would have been deemed inoperable.”

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